The traditional Serbian Internet Domains Day will be held on March 07, 2023, at the Vlada Divljan Culture Center, Belgrade, Serbia. A significant jubilee will mark DIDS 2023 – 15 years from March 10, 2008, the inception date of .rs national domain registration.

To a great extent, the DIDS2023 conference will be about the digitalization transformation in Serbia. Two separate panel discussions will be dedicated to this hot topic. The first of them, Family Companies and Next Level, brings together two successful companies, their two (founding) fathers and two respective sons, giving some rarely heard insights into family companies in Serbia to the audience: are family companies ready for the next generation of their owners, and are the heirs sufficiently prepared for the challenges the digital age poses for their businesses, moderated by Mr. Milovan Zvijer, Attorney-at-Law, Partner in Four Legal law firm.

The other panel discussion is called Digital Business Solutions from Serbia, where the panelists will talk about the software solutions devised and developed in Serbia.

Right before the panel, its moderator, Mr. Vladimir Zarić, will talk about the results of the research on the use of digital technologies in business.

After presenting how and to what extent the businesses use digital technologies and solutions in their core operations, Mr. Zarić, Account Director @ Four Dots will initiate the discussion with the panelists – selected representatives of software companies that develop business solutions for the domestic, regional, and international markets.

During the debate, the audience will have the opportunity to find out about the participants’ impressions on the situation on the market, how they find their experiences related to their cooperation with micro, mid-size, and large companies from Serbia, and how it differs from collaborating with their peers in the region and abroad. By giving some inspirational examples, we can get valuable insights into how traditional businesses can win during digital transformation.

The panelists are Mr. Veljko Radovanović, CEO @ Logik, Mr. Andreja Nikolić, Founder&CEO @ Kadrovska, and Mr. Aleksandar Nastevski, Founder&CEO @ NB Soft.

DIDS 2023 is going to be held in the standard live event format. The organizers will stream the conference on their YouTube channel.

Tickets for the conference are free. Due to the limited number of seats, sign-up and registration are mandatory.