09:00 - 10:00
10:00 - 10:20
Opening ceremony
10:20 - 11:05
Opening keynote
How to release happy chemicals in your customer’s brains

For years the world of digital has echoed with the mantra of making experiences frictionless. The idea is that if you get everything out of the way, you make it easier for customers to slide to the checkout and enter their credit card information. It’s a smart approach but it’s gone too far. We’ve created a simple world devoid of meaning and emotion. Some experiences are better with a bit of friction. And in this talk Dave Birss will explain how you can use friction to release feel-good neurochemicals in the brains of your customers.

Obsessed with creativity and innovation
11:05 - 12:05
Panel: Family businesses and the next level

The tradition of re-established private entrepreneurship in Serbia is only a little more than 30 years long. This usually means that those generations who founded the first private companies in their youth and prime of life are now at an age where important decisions have to be made regarding the next few decades of the company. The process of introducing the second generation into the business, or the professionalization of the company, is not simple. There are centuries of tradition and experience in the world that can be referred to. With us, such ventures are still pioneering, but we believe that good examples of business transition are very important as an inspiration and indicator that a real business outgrows the people who created it.

Attorney and Partner @ Four Legal
Commercial Director @ Art ival
Executive Director @ Art ival
Executive Director @ ITN Eko Povlen
President @ ITN Group
12:05 - 12:25
Coffee break
12:25 - 12:55
Rebranding of

The project, after several years of development, has surpassed the framework in which it was created, and the time has come for a visual refresh, as well as for expanding the functionality and format of the content and opening its own communication channels on social networks. We will guide you through this transformation process and show you the results achieved.

Marketing and Communications @ RNIDS
12:55 - 13:30
Branding tradition in a world-class way – Brandy

Rakija is a national drink, and we often treat national things with insufficient attention and care. That’s why many of those things never get the status they deserve. Branko is one of the few people who, for more than 15 years, has been actively trying to educate the public, as well as producers, to become quality standards, but also to expand knowledge and make rakija, on the map of strong alcoholic drinks, get its deserved place among the best.

Founder @ Rakiabar
13:30 - 14:05
How to get a really good multilingual UX?

The websites and applications we use every day deliver different user experiences based on the values (and goals) a given company delivers to the user. One of those goals may be to design an interface that will support different languages. In this lecture, we will look at the implementation of multilingualism and how it flows through different interfaces.

From a theoretical point of view, implementing multiple languages should not be a complicated requirement. In practice it may look a little different. Therefore, through this lecture, we will focus on practice and interesting examples that we encounter every day.”

UX/UI designer
14:05 - 14:45
Coffee break and brunch
14:45 - 15:00
Research results
Usage of digital technologies in business

We were interested, and we believe you are too, how many businesses use digital technologies in their operations – e-mail, website, e-commerce, cloud services, social networks, collaboration tools, video conference tools, business software. Also, how much they digitized their regular activities – exchange of documents, transaction activities with banks, document archiving and other. We believe that the results of this research will be interesting and useful for you.

Account Director @ Four Dots
15:00 - 15:45
Panel: Digital business solutions from Serbia

After we evaluate the research and see how and to what extent businesses use digital technologies and solutions in business, we will talk to representatives of local software companies that develop business solutions for the domestic, regional and foreign markets. What is their impression of the state of the market and what are their experiences in cooperation with micro, small or larger companies from Serbia. We will also answer the question of how different our companies are from the region and abroad, but also through positive examples and see how our traditional businesses win in digital transformation.

Account Director @ Four Dots
CEO @ Logik
Founder & CEO @ Kadrovska
Founder & CEO @ NB Soft
15:45 - 16:00
Prize quiz

Traditionally, we have been testing your knowledge of the history of the Internet and digital technologies for several years now, and we reward the best with valuable prizes. We play the quiz live and follow the top list in real time, and at the end we announce the winners!

16:00 - 16:50
Closing keynote
The World of Creativity

In this speech Fredrik will take us on a tour around the world to discover what we can learn about creativity from people he has met during his 20+ years of traveling the planet to better understand the true potential of human creativity. Be ready to learn, to be inspired and to look at creativity in a new way.

The Creativity Explorer
16:50 - 17:00
Closing ceremony