Rade Vučićević

Executive Director @ Art ival

Rade Vučićević, together with his wife Tatjana, founded the Art Agency in 1989, which organized manifestations and events for children and theater performances, and in 1992 they registered the company Art Ival, which was engaged in the trade of coffee in a small building on Zvezdara. Since they were selling high-quality coffee, and in the desire to differentiate themselves from the competition from the very beginning, they included chocolate delicacies in their offer, and so began a story that has been going on for three decades. Four years after the establishment of the company, they launched their trademark called “Premier”, which is protected by the Intellectual Property Office of the Republic of Serbia. Today, they employ about 40 people who handcraft more than 200 chocolate products with a unique taste, and their products can be found on the shelves in Germany, Austria, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia and Montenegro.”

Panel: Family businesses and the next level

The tradition of re-established private entrepreneurship in Serbia is only a little more than 30 years long. This usually means that those generations who founded the first private companies in their youth and prime of life are now at an age where important decisions have to be made regarding the next few decades of the company. The process of introducing the second generation into the business, or the professionalization of the company, is not simple. There are centuries of tradition and experience in the world that can be referred to. With us, such ventures are still pioneering, but we believe that good examples of business transition are very important as an inspiration and indicator that a real business outgrows the people who created it.