10:30 - 11:30 - ДИДС 2024

Panel: The start of a great change

Just over a year after the seismic shift in the IT industry caused by ChatGPT, this session will explore the impact of the next generation of artificial intelligence on the field of creative expression. We will consider the scope and impact of models and tools for generating and processing text, images, video and music, analyse how they have changed the market and the way people work day-to-day, and explore what opportunities they have opened up, what risks they have brought with them, how we can adapt to these changes and where this great change is taking us.

Slobodan Marković

Slobodan Marković works as a Digital Advisor at the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in Serbia. For more than two decades, he has been actively involved in advocating for and developing ICT policies in Serbia. Prior to joining UNDP, he worked at the Serbian National Internet Domains Registry (RNIDS) as an Advisor for ICT Policy and Internet Community Relations. Between 2014 and 2017, he was a member of the Multistakeholder Advisory Group (MAG), which advises the UN Secretary-General on matters related to the Internet Governance Forum (IGF). Slobodan worked at the Serbian Ministry of Telecommunications and Information Society from 2008 to 2012, where he advised the Minister on matters concerning telecommunications liberalization, e-government, and e-business policies. In 2010, he received the “e-Commerce AWARD” for his ten-year dedication to the development of early e-business in Serbia.

Marijana Borković

Marijana Borković graduated in economics from the Faculty of Business Studies of Megatrend University. She has been building a career in the field of digital marketing for 10 years, working in creative agencies and productions. She has been part of the RNIDS marketing team since the beginning of 2022 and leads the Domen.rs and Lokalac na internetu projects, the organization of the DIDS and RSNOG conferences and other projects.

Dane Blačić

Dane Blačić, a creative technology professional with an impressive 23-year career, was born in 1984 in Belgrade and currently lives in Niš with his family.
His expertise has left an indelible mark on the content he has produced for some of the leading broadcasters such as NBC, beIN Sports, TSN and CBC.
Applying his profound understanding of technology and creativity, Dane bridges the gap between these two areas of expertise and provides cutting-edge solutions in real-time content production, XR, virtual production and applications.
In October 2023 Dane’s project for MSNBC and NBC News won him an Emmy Award for Technical Excellence for quality of reporting on the 2022 elections in the USA.

Đorđe Krivokapić

Prof Dr Đorđe Krivokapić LL.M. is an associate professor of information and communication technology law at the Department for Organisation of Business Systems, Faculty of Organisational Sciences, University of Belgrade. He is known for both his professional involvement and his activism in the area of digital rights and as a co-founder of the Share Foundation. He is active in researching, creating and advocating for public policies in areas where law and technology intersect at the national, regional and European level. He has authored a number of books, guides and articles in the areas of personal data protection, information security, regulation of the internet and artificial intelligence.

Danijel Milošević

A copywriter and brand strategist who works mainly with technology companies to identify their core business and purpose (hence the name of his company: Meaning).
He is a graduate in German studies with many years of experience in translation, teaching and proofreading (another reason for his company’s name).
There came a point when he asked himself “Who writes the stuff I translate?” and that was how he ended up in marketing.
In addition to commercial writing, he likes chess, bookshops, the film Interstellar and chatting about the meaning of anything and everything. He changes hobbies like he changes his socks. He is the father of two wonderful children and is an OK kind of guy.

Miloš Skokić

Miloš Skokić is the co-founder of the Žiška agency, creative director and content creator. He has been involved in advertising since 2013, with a focus on digital marketing and content. He became an entrepreneur in 2016, since then he has been focusing on the organization of creative work and advertising in general. He is a speaker at regional conferences, is one of the DIMAQ trainers, and often judges advertising festivals. He is constantly exploring formats and new creative expressions, and the Žiška podcast, his gaming YouTube channel and a TikTok profile dedicated to “geek” culture are some of the latest successful projects or just fun hobbies. It is difficult to decide.