Danijel Milošević

A copywriter and brand strategist who works mainly with technology companies to identify their core business and purpose (hence the name of his company: Meaning).
He is a graduate in German studies with many years of experience in translation, teaching and proofreading (another reason for his company’s name).
There came a point when he asked himself “Who writes the stuff I translate?” and that was how he ended up in marketing.
In addition to commercial writing, he likes chess, bookshops, the film Interstellar and chatting about the meaning of anything and everything. He changes hobbies like he changes his socks. He is the father of two wonderful children and is an OK kind of guy.

Panel: The start of a great change

Just over a year after the seismic shift in the IT industry caused by ChatGPT, this session will explore the impact of the next generation of artificial intelligence on the field of creative expression. We will consider the scope and impact of models and tools for generating and processing text, images, video and music, analyse how they have changed the market and the way people work day-to-day, and explore what opportunities they have opened up, what risks they have brought with them, how we can adapt to these changes and where this great change is taking us.