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Lokalac na internetu

In 2020, the Serbian National Internet Domain Registry Foundation (RNIDS) launched the Lokalac na internetu (Local Guy on the Internet) project, which has been constantly developing and expanding ever since.

It is a humanitarian activity of the sale of branded products, where the proceeds from the sale are directed to the Regional Center for Young Talents “Nikola Tesla” as an aid for the implementation of program activities, the education of talented children and young scientists, the creation of scientific research works and preparations for competitions.

The results are already visible – registration fees for participation in the STEMCO international competition in five scientific disciplines were purchased from the donated funds for 22 participants of the Center. 24 medals were won at the competition – 12 gold and 12 silver, and registration fees were purchased for 3 participants for the ISRIF (International Student Research and Innovation Fair), where 3 medals were won, one gold and two silver.

While the first Lokalac t-shirt appeared in 2020, numerous models have followed until today, and Lokalac has become a brand that everyone wants to have.

From the very beginning, the Dechko Tzar brand, which is a partner on this project with the RNIDS Foundation, was responsible for the design and production.

The local has its website, and the assortment has been expanded with new items in addition to t-shirts, where every purchase contributes to a charitable goal.

At the DIDS 2024 conference, a new collection of products will be presented and plans for the next period will be presented, including the extension of project support to the Mathematics High School in Belgrade.

That Lokalac on the Internet is not limited by anything but ideas and goodwill is also shown by the gesture of the people from Dogma with whom we made the beer “Local on the Internet”, where 20 dinars from each sold can go to tree planting organized by the organization Discover Serbia.

Marijana Borković

Marijana Borković graduated in economics from the Faculty of Business Studies of Megatrend University. She has been building a career in the field of digital marketing for 10 years, working in creative agencies and productions. She has been part of the RNIDS marketing team since the beginning of 2022 and leads the Domen.rs and Lokalac na internetu projects, the organization of the DIDS and RSNOG conferences and other projects.