The tradition of every Serbian Internet Domain Day, which will be held this year on Tuesday, March 12, in Belgrade’s Youth Center, is the premier presentation of research results. 

This time, it will be about research that is important for the digital business of economic entities in our country, primarily small and medium-sized enterprises. 

The topic of cyber security will be expanded with a lecture on social engineering as a security threat.

Research Results: On the Prevention of Security Risks for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises

The research conducted by the Register of National Internet Domains of Serbia (RNIDS) entitled Prevention of Security Risks for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises dealt with the following questions:

  • To what extent do small and medium-sized enterprises operating in the Republic of Serbia deal with risk prevention in information security?
  • Are there differences in the prevention of security risks between companies of different sizes, business areas, and from different regions?
  • Where are the risks to information security the greatest?

The research was conducted on a random sample of small and medium-sized companies in Serbia with owners, directors, or managers who are informed about security risk prevention in their company.

Different types of activities (production, trade, and services) were represented, and among the respondents, there were 81.27% of small and 18.73% of medium-sized enterprises, more than half of which had existed for more than 20 years.

The research represents a concrete contribution to the illumination of facts related to this current, very complex topic. 

Conference participants will learn how almost half (47.67%) of small and medium-sized enterprises make a constant effort to raise awareness of the responsibility of employees in this area of business, or how it is that 15.71% of small and medium-sized enterprises do not have defined rules and procedures related to information security.

The detailed results of the research will serve as a starting point for the discussion regarding cyber-security in our country and considering whether we are a part of the modern world in this area or are lagging behind it.

“Social Engineering in the Context of Information Security”

Social engineering is one of the most fascinating ways technology and psychology can be abused. Technology executes the attack, but it is psychology that provides the mechanisms of attack strategy and tactics. The strategy is always based on hitting the right targets in the psyche of the individual(s) being attacked.

In this lecture by Ina Poljak, you will learn what attack tactics look like from a psychological perspective, which points of the psyche of the targeted person are attacked, why the attacks are so effective, but also how to prepare a defense against traps that our own brain can lead us into without us noticing.

DIDS 2024 takes place in the classic live event format, and the organizer will broadcast the conference through its YouTube channel.
Conference attendance is free. Due to the limited number of places, limited visitor registration via the DIDS 2024 website is mandatory.