13:20 - 13:35 - ДИДС 2024

Case study: domen.rs

One of the traditions and a special quality of DIDS is a review of the period between the two conferences, so this year we will also have the opportunity to see what’s new on the Domen.rs portal, as well as a compilation of selected examples of good use of the .rs domain.

In a short time, Domen.rs has become a credible and recognized source of concrete, useful information that is at the service of companies and organizations operating in Serbia – whether locally or internationally and which had no dilemma regarding the choice of a .rs domain for their website.

Using the video format on the website Domen.rs, an interview is published every month with people who are the owners of local businesses and who highlight arguments in favor of doing business on the .rs domain, while touching on specific business topics, which is especially useful for everyone those at the beginning of their entrepreneurial journey.

A special time will be dedicated to the Lokalac na Internetu (Local Guy on the Internet) project – a success story that testifies to how important and influential local business is for the entire local community.

Marijana Borković

Marijana Borković graduated in economics from the Faculty of Business Studies of Megatrend University. She has been building a career in the field of digital marketing for 10 years, working in creative agencies and productions. She has been part of the RNIDS marketing team since the beginning of 2022 and leads the Domen.rs and Lokalac na internetu projects, the organization of the DIDS and RSNOG conferences and other projects.