Dušan Simić

Dušan completed his undergraduate studies at the University of Belgrade Faculty of Philosophy, where he also received his doctorate in 2020 on the topic “Neurobiological Explanation of Consciousness”. He entered the world of marketing after completing specialist studies in advertising and media at the Faculty of Dramatic Arts in 2010. In 2010 he won the first prize in a worldwide competition to create a poster on the topic of conservation of biodiversity, organised by the IAA (International Advertising Association) and the United Nations. The same year he received the “Dragan Sakan – New Idea” award for innovative thinking in market communications, awarded by the UEPS (Serbian Association for Market Communication).

Panel: Cyrillic in branding

The subject of language always encompasses aspects of politics, culture and identity. Writing, as an expression of language, reflects the political and cultural heritage of a nation. This discussion will explore the extent to which the Cyrillic alphabet shapes our identity. Is Cyrillic inseparable from our identity and does it contribute to our authenticity? How is the Cyrillic alphabet perceived in Serbia and how do other nations see it? How does it affect Serbia’s image? Is there a place for the Cyrillic alphabet in the modern digital age? What is the aesthetic value of the Cyrillic alphabet? These are some of the questions to be debated, and answers provided to them if possible.