DIDS 2020 conference will not take place on 19th March

Due to COVID-19 virus outbreak, and in line with an announcement that all gatherings of more than 100 people in closed spaces will be prohibited, as well as recommendations from public health institutions we consulted, Serbian National Internet Domain Registry (RNIDS) Foundation announces that the conference Serbian Internet Domains Day (DIDS 2020) scheduled for 19th […]

DIDS 2020 konferencija privatno i (ne)bezbedno

Through whose eyes will we see the Internet?

DIDS 2020 has an important question to ask you. Do you think about whose eyes you will (or already do) see the Internet through? Will freedom of movement through what is still the freest territory in the world be subtly restricted by the application you use? Can more online privacy mean less security? We are […]


Silent Internet Revolutions

You may have heard of someone ‘sleeping through a revolution’. It happens. Rarely though does anyone remain unaware of a revolution that they play a direct part in. Does anyone even think about starting a business these days without registering a domain name and building a website? How much do we use our phones today […]