11:30 - 12:00 - ДИДС 2024

Keynote: Finale of the great change

It happened again!
We got a new, indispensable tool that promises to make up for our inabilities and complement our abilities.
We got a new way to do things that took a long time in less time.
To do something with a few people which previously took many.
To do something by machine which previously took humans.
We can fantasise about the possible consequences or we can joke about them. Or maybe both, since we don’t have a crystal ball that can reveal this unpredictable future to us. We will find a happy medium, based on optimism with some experience thrown in, in a talk lasting half an hour and maybe a minute longer. It won’t be boring, not during the presentation on the topic, and certainly not in the decades to come.

Vojislav Žanetić

Satirist, columnist, screenwriter and author. B.A. in Communication Studies. Market communication consultant and one of the first professional copywriters in Serbia. Consultant and brand coach with many years of experience in creating media content for local and foreign companies. He has been a lecturer at the Faculty of Media and Communications since 2011. Winner of advertising awards: Golden Festival Winner in Florence, Portorož Golden Drum, Montreux Golden Rose, Novi Sad Golden Idea.
He is a columnist for Nova Ekonomija and Okruženje, and has previously written for Dnevni Telegraf, Evropljanin, NIN and Večernje Novosti. He is also well-known to the public as one of the editors and writers of the satirical Index Radio Theatre, and later writer and cowriter of the Index Theatre live show. Together with Dragoljub “Mićko” Ljubičić and Draža Petrović, he is one of the authors of the “PLjiŽ” satirical programme. He has been a winner of the “Branko Ćopić” award for satire and the Neven award for children’s literature.