10:15 - 10:30 - ДИДС 2024

Keynote: Combating Cyberbullying in the Era of Deepfakes

Dr. Roberts, a renowned expert in digital ethics and safety, will unravel the complexities surrounding cyberbullying and deepfakes, offering valuable insights and solutions for a safer digital environment.


  • understanding the impact of deepfakes on cyberbullying
  • the role of AI and machine learning in digital identity manipulation
  • practical measures, including digital literacy education and advanced tools for detection
  • collective responsibility and fostering a safer online space.

Dr Emily Roberts

Dr. Emily Roberts is a seasoned professional with a background in Marketing and Digital Media, holding a Bachelor’s degree in the field. Her academic journey culminated in a Ph.D. in AI and Machine Learning, with a specialized focus on its applications in marketing and digital media. Currently serving as a Board Member of a prominent digital marketing firm ’’Cyber stereo’’, Dr. Roberts is deeply passionate about ethical considerations in AI, digital safety, and the prevention of cyberbullying, showcasing her commitment to the responsible integration of technology in the digital landscape.