Slavoljub Stanković

Slavoljub is writer and creative director, graduate in Philosophy, enrolled in PhD studies at the Faculty of Philosophy in Belgrade. He specialised in advertising at the University of Arts in Belgrade. His novels have been published in Serbia and the region, and translated into English, Slovenian and Macedonian. He has also authored film and television screenplays. Slavoljub has also created thousands of advertising campaigns for top Serbian and foreign brands. He is the creative director at Ananas agency and lives in Belgrade.

Panel: Cyrillic in branding

The subject of language always encompasses aspects of politics, culture and identity. Writing, as an expression of language, reflects the political and cultural heritage of a nation. This discussion will explore the extent to which the Cyrillic alphabet shapes our identity. Is Cyrillic inseparable from our identity and does it contribute to our authenticity? How is the Cyrillic alphabet perceived in Serbia and how do other nations see it? How does it affect Serbia’s image? Is there a place for the Cyrillic alphabet in the modern digital age? What is the aesthetic value of the Cyrillic alphabet? These are some of the questions to be debated, and answers provided to them if possible.