gari ijes govornik na dids 2017

The eighth conference on the Internet in Serbia – DIDS 2017 – will be held on 7th and 8th March at the Metropol Palace Hotel in Belgrade, organised by RNIDS. The motto of this year’s DIDS, Internet Search Secrets: Search, Find, Visit, also describes the three themed blocks and overall topic of the event: the Internet search machinery personified in Google.

Thus the first DIDS block is titled From Google’s Angle, with opening speaker Gary Illyes, webmaster trends analyst with Google Inc. His mission is to help website owners create successful sites and provide users with the highest quality search experience. Gary is always on the lookout for ways to improve web search; he represents Google in the global online marketing community, regularly writes for the Google Webmaster Central blog, and also helps users in the Google Webmaster Forums resolve problems with their web sites.

The title of Gary’s talk is Google and internationalisation, in which he gives a deeper look into Google’s internationalisation and geotargetting algorithms, what effects they have on users and how we can influence them. Visitors to DIDS will have a chance to learn first-hand how to use Google’s tools in creating an Internet strategy, and to put questions directly to someone who is at the very source of information about Google.

Registration for the Conference is closed and the program will be live streamed on,, and more than 10 internet locations of DIDS 2017 media sponsors.