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Cyber Personality

Official opening

Introductory talk:

Thomas Rickert, Leader of the Names & Numbers Forum at eco – the Association of the Internet Industry, Germany

The first block of DIDS traditionally addresses the hottest current Internet topic, which this year is the General Data Protection Regulation – the GDPR. The common currency of the digital age isn’t the dollar and it isn’t bitcoin – it’s private data. All of our smart devices are collecting it, as are sensors all around us, and other people’s computers, which we call the “cloud”. The services we use are also collecting it, and so are the institutions we communicate with. The data is processed, cross-referenced and bundled up. Then it is shared, stolen or leaked – or it is sold. It is used by individuals, criminals, companies, institutions and the security services. Our private lives are irreversibly becoming public, and being monetised.

The European Union is coming up with a regulatory response in the form of the GDPR, which comes into force at the end of May and lays out how the personal data of EU citizens is to be handled. These rules will also be imposed at a global level, for anyone wishing to use this data in any way.

The GDPR – but even more so the reality of our accelerated, digitalised lives – opens up a plethora of important questions. Is there a difference between privacy and personal data protection? Can privacy be assured even if private data is being collected? And what is private data anyway? How is it defined in the GDPR, and what regulations will this bring? How does the GDPR protect the rights of individuals? How will it affect markets outside the EU? How should institutions and companies in Serbia respond to the GDPR? What is the role of the Ombudsman? Will there be any adverse effects of the implementation of the GDPR for the economy and for innovation? How does the GDPR affect the domain space? And what will the future bring?

Panel debate:

Moderator: Vladimir Radunović, Director of the cyber-security and e-diplomacy programme at the DiploFoundation, Serbia

  • Thomas Rickert, Leader of the Names & Numbers Forum at eco – the Association of the Internet Industry, Germany
  • Cormac Callanan, PhD, CEO of Aconite Internet Solutions, Ireland
  • Nevena Ružić, Assistant to the General secretary of the office of the Commissioner for Information of Public Importance and Personal Data Protection, Serbia
Coffee break
Digital Heritage

Introductory talk:

Digitalisation in Slovenia and Use of the Cloud
On projects and areas of digitalisation in culture being worked on in national institutions, as well as plans for the construction of a cloud for public use.

Matjaž Filo, Manager of the IT sector at the University of Ljubljana Faculty of Social Sciences, Slovenija

The identity of a people can be presented, preserved and promoted on the Internet through a digitalised heritage that is always accessible and searchable online. The topic of the second block of DIDS will be digitalisation in culture and science, with presentations of valuable initiatives, research and activities in Serbia that are noteworthy within the broader European context.

There will be discussion of the digital transformation of business, and its specific characteristics in the context of culture and science, and about the digitalisation of cultural heritage, which contrary to the popular conception, is not merely about scanning archive materials. There will also be discussion of the importance of management in the process of digitalisation – about who the “translators” are who translate from the language of culture and science into the language of programmers and IT professionals.

Another topic of debate will be the accessibility of scientific equipment online, thanks to the Internet (e.g. telescopes, laboratories etc. that are remotely controllable), as well as the importance of the online accessibility of digitised copies of magazines and other accumulated scientific knowledge for the advancement of education.

Panel debate:

  • Matjaž Filo, Manager of the IT sector at the University of Ljubljana Faculty of Social Sciences, Slovenija
  • Adam Sofronijević, PhD, Deputy Director of the Svetozar Marković University Library in Belgrade, Serbia
  • Nikola Božić, Programme Director of the Petnica Science Centre, Serbia

Moderator: Tamara Vučenović, PhD, Editor of the Educational programme, Radio Beograd 2, Serbia

Coffee break
Online Business

Introductory talk:

Results of the study 2017 Digital Vitality Index of small, micro- and medium enterprises in Serbia

  • Importance and interpretation of the Digital Vitality Index
  • Use of digital channels and their impact on company business performance
  • Importance of having an .RS or .СРБ domain
  • Importance of a mobile application versus a website
  • Attitudes of Internet users and guidelines for the online development of local stores

Milovan Matijević and Branka Matijević, Mineco Computers, Serbia

Presentation of successful websites on the national TLD .RS:

Moderator: Radomir Lale Marković, Co-founder and CEO, TAG Media, Serbia



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