DIDS 2021 Digital Programme

Opening ceremony
Kei Shimada: The New Normal - Digital and the age of COVID (in English)

COVID pandemic has sparked new digital trends. Their impact on societies and corporations as well as what to expect as we enter the New Normal will be the topic of the keynote speech by Kei Shimada.

Kei Shimada is an entrepreneur, angel investor and currently the leader of the Digital Makers Lab at IBM Japan.

Kei will be speaking in English.


Peter Van Roste: How Covid pushed the slow turning wheels of domain registration: a story of myths and data (in English)

During the last year businesses around Europe tried to intensify its online presence and the best reference is domain name registration growth trend. How COVID pushed slow turning wheels of domain registration, how registries around Europe helped in the fight against abuse on the internet and how they supported their local communities will be explained by Peter Van Roste.

Peter Van Roste is the general manager of CENTR, the Council of European National Top-level Domain Registries, a lawyer with an LL.M. in computer and telecommunications law with a career path paved with liaises with governments, institutions and other organisations in the internet ecosystem

Peter will be speaking in English.

Panel debate:
(Bad) master / (good) servant: Internet

Was the Internet the (good) servant and the (bad) master to large companies during the pandemic and what business transformation Internet made possible?

About experience of doing business during the pandemic, changes the Internet and Internet enabled services brought will be discussed by panelists:

Panel debate is moderated by Vladimir Radunović, Diplo Foundation

Break: Quiz with prizes for winners
Vojislav Žanetić: Communication v. 2.021: healthier after the pandemic

COVID pandemic created new grounds for communication – individuals, companies, institutions, ideologies, no one is spared from „new normal“ in terms of exchanging information, attitudes and messages. What communication does to us now, what shall we do with it and what can be done with it in the future will be considered by Vojislav Žanetić.

Vojislav Žanetić, satirist and screenwriter, consultant in market communications is the most experienced professional copywriter in Serbia and the author of numerous communication campaigns.

Dimitrije Ostojić: Website optimization for better conversions

What is a conversion, what are the steps of conversion in user’s journey and how to optimize conversion at each step, which elements need to be optimized, how to use testing to increase conversion? Which three simple principles to use for conversion growth will be told by Dimitrije Ostojić.

Dimitrije Ostojić is digital marketing, online conversion and marketing automation specialist, he is director and founder of the Default Design marketing agency.

Paul Snoxell: Fake Choice: An Introduction to Dark UI (in English)

The lecture „Fake Choice: An Introduction to Dark UI“ will make us wonder how strong our will is to resist buying stuff we don’t need and sharing the date we don’t want to share when we visit a website designed to provide such user experience to simply make us do so. Paul Snoxell will speak of practical, technical and ethical side aspects of this phenomenon. Be warned: This is not a ‘How to’ guide, it’s a „What you shouldn’t do’ guide.

Paul Snoxell, based in London, is a Creative Director at Wunderman Thompson and during his 30 years in marketing he ran impressive projects for numerous international companies.

Paul will be speaking in English.

Break: Quiz with prizes for winners
E-Commerce Association of Serbia: E-commerce in Serbia - the new normal

We’ve witnessed an amazing growth of e-commerce in Serbia since pandemic took place. Not did only businesses transformed, but also desires and habits of buyers transformed so they became more inclined to shop online. The question here today is not just how to adapt, but how to progress and search for new possibilities.

Trends in the past 365 days, numbers and data, will be presented by E-Commerce Association of Serbia board members: Marko Mudrinić and Ivan Tanasković.

Panel debate:
Small producers on the Internet

How pandemic made business circumstances more difficult for small producers, but also opened some new horizons to buyers? How buyers choose small producers online, how do they communicate and how can small producers find their place on markets ruled by big players?

Participants of the panel debate „Small producers online: an excuse for conversation of three experienced entrepreneurs“ are:

  • Ana Nešić, founder of the Mali Proizvođači (“Small Producers”) platform
  • Marija Slović, entrepreneur and owner of a store Domaccini
  • Milica Čalija, moderator of a panel debate, owner of brand Anđeli
Panel debate:
Е-commerce in 2021. in Serbia: possibility and commitment to be different

E-commerce in Serbia finally kicked-off, but now when everyone embraced internet as sales channel and meal ticket during pandemic, the question that rises is weather creativity in making and administering web-shops is still reserved only for those who think outside the box or its „a must“ if online shop aims to a successful business not just a pretty online window?

Participants of panel debate „Е-commerce in 2021. in Serbia: possibility and commitment to be different“ are:

Closing ceremony

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